I got to strap on the telecaster (and haul out the pedalboard) for the annual Keneseth Israel Preschool fundraiser party last weekend.  This year’s theme was “Sock Hop”, so the Dad Band put together a set of 14 rock’n’roll oldies.  My personal highlights were playing the harmonica on “Not Fade Away”, singing lead on “La Bamba”, and faking my way through the guitar solos on “Slow Down” and “Rock Around the Clock”.  As usual, I had a fantastic time rocking with the Dads.

KIP Sock Hop Band

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

Everything went great until I went to take a solo on “Johnny B. Goode”, stomped on my boost pedal, dug in and heard…nothing.  My first assumption was that the booster had stopped working, so I clicked it off, but still nothing.  I turned around to check the amp (a rental Blues Jr.) and the lamp was flickering wildly on and off.  Imagining a grounding fault or a short, I started to panic — I don’t want to die playing a Blues Jr.!   I switched it off and back on again.  Still nothing.  Luckily there were three other guitarists picking up the slack, so I just killed the amp, mimed along and tried to look cool for the remainder of the tune.



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