First thing yesterday, rumors went wild that Manchester City FC was going to sack their manager, Roberto Mancini. Later in the day, a sluggish City team lost a Cup final they were heavily favored to win. Today’s news? Manchester City set to replace their Manager. But I blame Khaldoon al-Mubarak for yesterday’s loss, since he’s the chairman and the one who let the team take the pitch with huge doubts hanging over their collective heads.

Roberto Mancini

Manchester City’s ownership behaved remarkably tactlessly this week and should be ashamed. They not only disrespected Roberto Mancini, but the players and the fans as well. They were certainly not obligated to keep Mancini on, but negotiating his replacement in full view of the media days before the FA Cup final was in remarkably poor form. I am a Manchester City fan, but this week I am much more proud of the other Manchester club’s program and legacy of tradition as they celebrate the retirement of their manager of 26 years.

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