Me, Simon and 1 Foot of SnowHi, I’m Matthew Whitworth, a network engineer, Internet security analyst, computer programmer and hack musician from Louisville, Kentucky. By day I’m a firewall engineer for a well-known Fortune 500 company. By night I manage okcomputer.org, the one-stop Internet shop for my family and friends. Actually, by night I do a lot of work, too. It’s a miracle I ever have time to manage okcomputer.org. Sometimes I think it’s a miracle I ever have time to do anything.

I dig Free Software. I’ve been a Linux user since 1994. I like Debian GNU/Linux. I really like Ubuntu. I used to do a lot of programming in C and C++, but these days I prefer Python. I detest Perl and PHP, but I have a horrible tendency to fall back on them for small projects…and then I feel dirty.

I play a bit of guitar, but my preferred instrument is bass. Every now and then I’m in a band.  These days I’m playing bass in Radio Radio, a Louisville-area 80’s, New Wave and pop-punk cover band.

I’m pretty left-wing politically, but real-life politics usually makes me sick at my stomach. I’ve been a registered member of the Green Party in the past (not currently, although I still consider myself Green-at-heart). I’m interested in alternative voting systems and volunteered on the Instant Run-off Voting campaign in San Francisco back in 2002. (We won!)

I used to homebrew beer a lot with my friends in San Francisco, but I’ve kinda fallen out of practice. Maybe I’ll start up again this year….

My wife, Jessica, and I have a hilarious little boy named Simon. Jessica documents his funny little life over at Kid Amnesiac. I chime in occasionally.