Matthew Whitworth

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Louisville, KY 40205
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Relevant Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of and experience with perimeter network and firewall architecture and design.
  • Knowledge of Cisco router and switch configuration (CCNA certified).
  • Experience in architecting and deploying Network Intrusion Detection systems and NIDS signature creation.
  • Experience participating in and leading Computer Security Incident Response Teams.
  • Experience performing penetration tests against networks and networked applications.
  • Advanced knowledge of TCP/IP networking and application-layer protocols (HTTP, SMTP, DNS, POP3, IMAP and LDAP).
  • Experience in UNIX system administration (Solaris, Linux) and administration of common network applications (Apache, Sendmail, BIND, Samba).
  • Programming experience in C, C++, C#, Perl, Python, Bourne Shell, Assembler and Pascal programming languages; object-oriented programming.
  • Relational database administration and design (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL).

Professional Experience

Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, Ca (July 1999 – present)

  • Firewall Network Engineer (November 2004 – present); designed and implemented perimeter networks and firewall architectures.
  • Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) technical team lead (June 2003 – November 2004); Designed and expanded perimeter and internal NIDS application architecture; Developed, maintained and tested NIDS signatures.
  • Participated in Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and managed incidents involving network worms and virus break-outs.
  • Performed penetration tests against networks and networked applications.
  • Designed and reviewed secure architectures for Internet-based applications.
  • Developed applications in C, C++, Perl and Python; developed web/database applications using PHP, Apache and PostgreSQL/MySQL.

Pacific Bell (SBC), San Francisco, Ca (June 1997 – July 1999)

  • Developed object-oriented applications in C++ for interfacing with and extracting data from mainframe applications.
  • Developed web/database applications using Perl, Apache and Oracle.

University of Michigan Network Operations Center, Ann Arbor, Mi (May 1996 – June 1997)

  • Provided first and second level support for UM campus network and two large regional networks (MichNet, CICNet).
  • Performed Cisco router and telecom circuit diagnostics.
  • Performed system administration for small network of Solaris workstations and servers.

University of Michigan Medical Center, Pathology Data Systems, Ann Arbor, Mi (November 1995 – May 1996)

  • Supported Windows workstations and Novell NetWare servers in a large TCP/IP network environment.
  • Maintained applications written in C and a proprietary scripting language.

Education & Certifications

  • Milligan College (September 1988 – May 1992) BA, Psychology, English, Sociology
  • Eastern Michigan University (1994 – 1996) 9 hours Computer Science
  • University of California, Berkeley Extension (1997 – 1999) 9 hours Computer Science
  • CISSP Certification (January 2004)
  • CCNA Certification (December 2007)