Remember a few weeks ago when I was having all the wireless troubles?  The problem seemed to go away for a bit, and then WHAMMO!  It bit me again recently…again when I was downstairs in the living room.

Jessica heard me crying about it and mentioned that she had been having the same problem for the last few weeks.  What?!  Why hadn’t she mentioned this?  Dunno, but at least now I could eliminate my own laptop as the problem and concentrate on debugging a general wifi problem in the house.

The problem really only happened at DHCP lease acquisition time.  Once either of us had a lease we could roam all over the house, but successfully acquiring a lease in the first place was really only working upstairs.  Hmmm….

Well, apologies to all you potential Encyclopedia Browns out there, but you havn’t been given all the facts — because I had forgotten about one very important one: I had installed a Linksys WRE54G Wireless Range Extender for Jessica when she moved her office to the basement about two years ago.  Honestly, I had forgotten all about it.  I mean, I saw it every now and then, but I never bothered to think about what it was doing.  Or what it wasn’t doing.

One unplugged WRE54G later and Jessica and I are both acquiring DHCP leases all over the house again.  Apparently we were trying to associate with the range extender when our wireless interfaces were reconfiguring, and it must not have been bridging correctly with the router since I installed the new firmware.

I don’t know if we even need the range extender anymore since now that I’m running DD-WRT on my WRT54G I’m transmitting at 84 mW (instead of the default 28).  I’ll play around with connectivity in the basement this weekend, and if I still need the range extender I’ll configure WDS Bridging between it and the router so that they play together nicely this time.

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