So ever since I pushed the new site into production Jessica has been bugging me about whether or not it was getting any hits. Although I kept telling her that I was giving it time and didn’t expect anything for quite a while, I was actually checking the web server logs much more frequently than I care to admit.

A few days ago I had done the old “google yourself” trick and was shocked at how much my sabbatical had caused me to drop off the Internet radar. I haven’t posted to Usenet or the Debian mailing lists for years.  My old web page had been down for months during the crash, and the content had been dormant for over a year. Really, what did I expect?

Anyway, about 10 minutes after Jessica checked in last night, I went to give my email one last perusal before bed (I wasn’t watching the logs — I promise) and sure enough, there was the first mail from my new Contact page, from old middle/high school associate Jay V. So that was cool — I hadn’t heard from him in almost 20 years. And since he was the first person to get in touch with me via the new site, he won an MP3 of “Barbed Wire”, a song by my first band, Sacrilegious Toejam. More on that later….

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