Hi and welcome to my brand spankin’ new homepage at my brand spankin’ new web site, matthewwhitworth.com. I’ve been on a roll for the last two weeks, building a new Ubuntu Linux server, rebuilding the Kid Amnesiac blog and totally rebuilding and migrating okcomputer.org, so I figured it was finally time to get this place off the ground.

My homepages have certainly evolved over the years — from static HTML back in 1995, incorporating bits and pieces of Perl hackery as I learned that language and the art of CGI, and finally culminating in a Blosxom-based semi-blog that died a slow death shortly after I moved back to Louisville.

After setting up the original Kid Amnesiac, I became interested in using WordPress more as a CMS than a blog*. As usual, I dawdled on that idea for quite some time, but I finally sat down and learned how to do it during last week’s okcomputer.org set-up. After that there was just no excuse, so today, in between bouts of baby-wrangling, I built the database, installed a fresh copy of WordPress 2.3.2, edited some custom page templates and banged out the first bits of content.

So here it is. I hope you like it. I hope I can make this interesting and/or useful.

* Not that I’ve got anything against blogs — I’m just remarkably bad at maintaining one.

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